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About AWF 
AWF started with a generous contribution from Helmut and Christine Ackermann in 1996; their goal not only to have animals brought to the center cared for, but for it to be a cornerstone for wildlife care and environmental efforts. Operations began in Oregon in 1998. AWF is located in rural Molalla, Oregon, halfway between Portland and Salem, thereby providing service to the widest area possible. The property consists of an animal care clinic, and a large barn, which houses our nature center and animals being rehabilitated, all situated on 13.5 acres.

How We Are Different 
With increasing human populations, animals often find themselves dangerously close to people. Thousands are injured or orphaned each year. It's easy to forget our responsibilities to these individual animals who are our neighbors. Many of us even support causes who fight on a grand scale, saving our wild lands, our oceans, and/or our endangered species. But that's not the only fight! 

AWF is dedicated to teaching people to care for and about the environment. The interests of AWF are worldwide; its focus is on the local community. We believe that people are most strongly influenced by what they can see, hear, and experience. AWF strives to teach people that America's most valuable treasures are in their hands; that every day actions, even ones that seem small, actually can make a difference. AWF fosters grand scale conservation as it is done best, one person at a time.

Who We Are
Our Board Of Directors 
Our Advisory Board 
Management Staff 

Our Plans
The number of injured animals brought to our wildlife care clinic increases every year, as do the number of requests for both off- and on-site conservation education and wildlife programs. As resources allow AWF continues to expand capacity and enhance program services, replace used materials, expand the kinds of programs we offer, and increase the number of programs we offer to larger numbers of participants. 

We are currently seeking funding to help us build an on-site environmental education center and nature trail. There are several benefits to increasing the number of on-site, versus off-site, programs. First, we can provide permanent shelter for animals that cannot, due to the extent of their injuries, be returned to the wild. Second, more programs can be provided to more people by maximizing use of existing resources. Finally, people are personally introduced to the environment they are trying to protect. It has been our experience that personal involvement inspires personal commitment. 

AWF stretches every dollar spent by matching them whenever possible with in-kind donations, additional funds, and volunteer hours. Find out how you can help.

Board of Directors
The primary role of the Board of the Directors is to set corporate policy and to assist with major fund raising efforts 

PresidentJanette Ackermann  

Ms. Ackermann is AWF's verinarian and co-director, and the daughter of the founding donors, Helmut and Christine Ackermann, whose generous contribution began AWF. 

Vice PresidentRick Carl  
Vice President 

Associated with AWF since its inception, Mr. Carl works closely with staff to support computer hardware and software, and to create and maintain an internet web presence for the organization.

Fund Raising AdvisorKimberly Superneau 
Ms. Superneau is a Senior Financial Consultant for Heritage Bank, and has been in the financial services industry for 15 years. She combines her passion for wildlife, conservation, and the environment, with her relationship skills as a financial planner and asset manager to support AWF's fund raising efforts.

Advisory Committees 
The primary role of these committees is to advise on operational procedures and to assist with fund raising efforts. Members of the Advisory Committees are being solicited from national supporters and the local community. 

Management Staff
Responsible for overseeing operations, fund raising, and establishing AWF's volunteer program. 

Chief Executive OfficerJacqueline Carl 
Chief Executive Officer 

Ms. Carl graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism -- advertising/public relations emphasis. Always interested in the fields of animal welfare and conservation, Ms. Carl has volunteered for wildlife rehabilitation organizations a good part of her life. A few years after having worked in a local marketing/public relations firm, she returned to school and obtained her Masters Degree in Business Administration at the University of San Diego. She was subsequently hired as the community relations director at the local humane society. Wanting to return to her original interests in wildlife care and conservation, Ms. Carl joined forces with Dr. Janette Ackermann to open AWF. 

Chief of Veterinary ServicesJanette Ackermann, DVM
Chief of Veterinary Services
Dr. Ackermann graduated from the Mississippi State University School of Veterinary Medicine specializing in Zoo, Wildlife, and Exotic Animal Medicine. She has a Bachelors Degree in Zoology and a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology, and has completed internships in her field under James Carpenter, DVM, M.S., ACZM, at Kansas State University, and Stuart Porter, VMD, at the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Most recently she completed a three-year residency under Patrick Redig, DVM, Ph.D., at the University of Minnesota's well-known Raptor Center. During her extensive training in the field of wildlife medicine, Dr. Ackermann's work has been published in several veterinary journals, including the Avian Medical Journal and the AVMA Journal. 

Wildlife Care, Conservation, Education

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