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Animal Care 
Many of the animals brought to AWF are seriously injured, most often due to people's convergence into their native spaces. These animals often need intensive veterinary care. There is nothing sadder than leaving an animal to die because no one cares or there is no place to take them. And, it sends a terrible message to our society, to our children-- that the value of life is meaningless; that our responsibility for the environment and for the animals with whom we share it is negligible. And when we devalue life, we devalue ourselves.

Baby Racoon AWF offers a fully operational animal care clinic and rehabilitation center on 13-1/2 acres. The center is run by a veterinarian who specializes in wildlife medicine and conservation biology and volunteers who help care for animals brought to the center. There are few such facilities in the United States, even fewer in Oregon. Since we opened our clinic doors late in 1998, we've treated several thousand animals brought to us by concerned citizens, veterinarians, the Department of Fish & Wildlife, game commissioners, among others. AWF works in cooperation with these agencies to provide services few other organizations can. And AWF teaches people that each of us is a steward of our own world.

Wildlife Rehabilitator 
If you are a wildlife rehabilitator and need information about wildlife care, check out our FAQs. Keep in mind, in most states you must become licensed before you can rehabilitate wild animals on your own. This is to be sure that people have the proper knowledge, skills and facility to care for wildlife. Volunteers usually don't need permits as long as they work at centers that are licensed. Bobcat Kitten

Adopt an Animal
You and/or your kids, or your group or club, can get involved in our animal care program by adopting the care of an animal brought to AWF, or by sponsoring the building of a pen or other project. Find out how.

AWF stretches every dollar spent by matching them whenever possible with in-kind donations, additional funds, and volunteer hours. Find out how you can help.

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