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Butterfly Identification
     This program introduces you to a few of the most common species of butterflies that live in Oregon and the flowers they prefer.  Then it adds fun activities on behavior and habitat that helps you understand how to think like a butterfly.  All ages welcome and encouraged.

Song Bird Identification: The Pacific Northwest serves as a major thoroughfare for the western flyway of bird migration. Many beautiful birds can be seen both seasonally and all year-round. This class will help you identify some of these birds whether you live along the river, in the forests, on farms, or in the suburbs. This especially will help you become familiar with those lovely birds that stop at your own bird feeders.

Owls, Silent Hunters of the Night: These mysterious, seldom seen birds capture everyone’s interest and imagination. Who hasn’t walked through the woods and heard an owl’s haunting calls? These stealthy creatures live in a world opposite to our sunlit existence. Find out how they do this, and learn to identify the owls native to our Pacific Northwest. Meet one of its inhabitants in person when AWF brings one of its mascot screech owls to the class.

Nesting Habits of our Native Birds: Many species of birds migrate to the Pacific Northwest to build their nests and have their young. In fact, many people build or buy birdhouses to attract these lovely creatures. This class will show you the many different types of nests that birds build, borrow or steal, and the evolution of the different types of nests. Birdhouses can be built if desired.

Mammals of Oregon: Learn what native mammal inhabit your backyards and parks and their natural history, from the large black bear to the tiny moles and mice. We will introduce you to these animals using a slide program, mounts, and skins. We will also discuss animal totems of the Native Americans, a definite favorite of kids and adults alike.

Orphan animal hand rearing: Have you ever run into a baby animal or had one brought home to you and you didn’t know what to do for it? Well, this class will help you deal with these cute but sometimes-difficult babies. It will also discuss the legal ramifications of helping these animals.

Animal Restraint: This program is a must for rehabilitates, groomers, zoo, personnel, veterinary technicians, and anyone interested in handling wildlife or even more aggressive domestic animals.

Native amphibians to the Pacific Northwest: Oregon is a country of rivers, streams, and ponds. Yet few people know much about these fascinating creatures that inhabit these watery worlds. This lecture will help you learn to identify these animals and explains a little about their natural history. It will also teach you about their function as indicator species to monitor the health of our waterways and their conservation.

Wildlife Neighbors: Have you ever had wildlife in your backyard that you just wished would go away? Conversely, are there animals you would just love to see in your backyard because they are beautiful and just plain fun to watch? Then this is the program for you. It will demonstrate techniques for both attracting and deterring your wildlife neighbors.

Raptors of Oregon: These magnificent birds of prey enthrall many people both in the wild and in the ancient art of falconry. Join the American Wildlife foundation in introducing them to you. We will go through the identification of many of the different species and their natural history. We will even discuss a little bit on falconry techniques and how they help us with rehabilitation.

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a wildlife rehabilitator? What do you have to do to become one and what does it take to start a rehabilitation facility? This class will go through the training, permit process and other requirements that go into rehabilitation work.

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